The Science: How can something so simple actually make a difference?

1. It plays an important role for your brain: The work of Dr. BJ Fogg at Stanford demonstrated that every behavior requires three components to occur: ability, motivation, and a trigger. The trigger is the thing that reminds (or triggers) you to DO the behavior. Overtime, our own daily patterns can become triggers (e.g. waking up leads to you brushing your teeth) but in the early stages of building a new habit, we often need some kind of external trigger (e.g. a post-it note) to remind us to actually DO the behavior otherwise it won't happen. That’s exactly what the Flip Band is for your goal – a trigger that’s with you EVERYWHERE you go and on your wrist where you can easily see it.

2. It creates positive reinforcement: The simple act of flipping your Flip Band after you reach your goal and seeing a bright green checkmark is rooted in the science of positive reinforcement which has been proven to act as a motivator that strengthens a behavior over time

3. It forces you to focus: Most people fail because they want to change too many things in their lives at once and as a result never really commit to any single change. Wearing a Flip Band forces you to focus on one change at a time. If you do this and end up forming one new good habit each month, you’ll end up building 12 good habits per year… not bad.

4. It leverages the power of accountability: People who pursue a goal with an accountability buddy (which we recommend) are on average 2×-5× more likely to stick to their goals long term. That’s why your order comes with a minimum of two Flip Bands.

5. It’s tech-free (a.k.a. distraction free): How many times have you grabbed your phone with the intention of doing something specific (e.g. looking something up) but ended up getting distracted by a text message or notification in the process? Apps open you up to distractions simply by being on your phone. Flip Band will never do this... but it *will* keep working past two in the afternoon (can you say infinite batteries?)