The easiest way to stick to your goals.

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White and green Flip Band after hitting a goal
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First, choose a simple daily habit that would improve your life.


Choose a healthy goal
Think about a goal for your Flip Band
When you hit your goal flip your Flip Band
Hook it up

"It's simple, but it just works."

Habit trigger to help you hit your goals

Flip Band serves as a trigger for your brain, sparking good habits.

Behavior science to help you hit your goals

Designed using core principles of behavioral science to boost your chances of long-term success.

Tech free solution for healthy habits

100% tech-free, so it'll never distract you or run out of batteries.

White and black Flip Band options

Start living the life you want, today.

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Matthias now exercises:

“I started using Flip Band to do CrossFit every day... for the first time in my life, at age 33, I've finally stuck with exercise. It's been 10 months now!”

Matthias Wagner - @natarius


Karen dances every day:

“Last night when I was brushing my teeth, I caught a glance of my Flip Band and remembered that I hadn't danced yet for the day. So I ended up dancing in my room at 1am... this thing is devilishly effective.”

Karen Cheng - @karenxcheng


Katherine expresses gratitude every day:

“I use my Flip Band as a reminder to express gratitude every day. It's simple and it just works. It's been 4 months and I'm still going strong!”

Katherine Krug - @krugness

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